PLC Programming

Siemens PLC
Europe's Leading PLC

Siemens TIA, Step 7 & Step 5

Siemens have consistently been on of the leading providers of PLC systems in Europe.

We have a long history of building software for Siemens PLCs. Their PLC technology has evolved significantly over the years and driven by the needs of our clients we have developed a broad and deep knowlegde and experience in all their systems.

We are still  supporting and upgrading the SIMATIC S5 series  which was one of the first PLC systems in the world. Arguably not the most user firendly for beginner programmers, it was very powerful and set the foundations for stuctured programminng using function blocks (FB) and so remained a favourite of ours for this early group of PLC systems.

As a preferred Siemens Integrator we were early adopters of the SIMATIC S7-300/400 series.We have developed an extenstive library of functions and function blocks for a variety of industries. These libraries enable us to streamline the development process and cuts down on testing and commissioning time.

The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal is a software platform for the development, commissioning, and maintenance of SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 systems. This series of PLC is one chosen for all new projects where clients have a preference for Siemens. 

RS Logix Logo
North America's Leading PLC

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation holds a significant share of the global programmable logic controller (PLC) market, estimated to be around 20%. This makes them one of the leading manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and solutions in the world, with a strong presence in a wide range of industries such as automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, and more.

We've been working with their PLC's from the first version of RSLogix, version 2.0. A program that supported the PLC-5 series of controllers. Over the next few years, new versions were released that added support for other Allen Bradley controllers, including the SLC 500 series, which we are still supportng today.

RSLogix 5000, which was a major update to the software. RSLogix 5000 was designed to support the ControlLogix and CompactLogix families of controllers, which used a new programming language called Structured Text (ST) instead of the older Relay Ladder Logic (RLL) language and offered greater efficiency during development.

Studio 5000 is the successor to RSLogix 5000 and includes a number of features that make it easier to create and maintain Logix-based control systems. For example, it includes a library of pre-built function blocks and instructions, as well as tools for creating and managing reusable code modules.. 

Other PLCs
Other LEading PLC

Beckhoff / Mitsubishi and Schneider PLC's

Siemens and Allen Bradley are the two largets suppliers of PLC systems in Europe and North America but some of the smaller brands offer some advantges in terms of cost, processing power and flexibility and have become popular with machine builders.

Beckhoff's TwinCAT  is based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and utilises a real-time kernel to provide deterministic control of industrial processes. It's high-speed performance and scalability has made it popular among manufacturers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and packaging.

We have a number of clients who have standardised on Mitsubishi PLC's and HMIs. Apart from Siemens they were one of the first to adopt IEC standards for all their programming languages. The ladder logic implementation makes them a favourite for beginners or those transitioning into programming from an electrical engineering background.

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