SCADA Systems

Proficy iFIX

Proficy iFIX

iFIX has been one of our preferred SCADA systems since it's release in 2005. From the beginning it used Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as it's scripting language and this offered us greater opportunites for integration of third party controls and connections to relational databsses like SQL Server.

We have built a wide range of iFIX systems ranging from single, low tag count HMI stations, right through to large, unlimited tag process databases that connects to multiple PLC and in some cases, terminal services.

Even though VBA has been around for a long time and it's big brother; VB6 superceded by .Net, within the SCADA domain it still remains useful and maens that linking into business systems for recipe and reporting is still possible without the need for external applications.

Another reason we've always liked iFIX is the programming interface it provides that enables developers to read the process and histrorical data in external systems. Building external recipe and reporting systems in Enterprise Data Access (EDA) has allowed us to process and share real-time data across multiple systems and applications for our customers..

Siemens WinCC

Siemens WinCC

The software was first introduced in 1995, and since then it has evolved and expanded, with major upgrades releasd very 4 or 5 years. Although not limited to, it is used mainly by manufacturers who have adopted Siemens as their standard for automation products.

In addition to it's use as a standalone SCADA sytem on single machines and small production lines, WinCC can be coupled togther with PCS7, process control system,  to form an integrated automation environment that provides a complete solution for process automation and control. The WinCC software is integrated into the PCS7 system, allowing operators to monitor and control individual machines and components from within the PCS7 environment..

Our work with clients such as Unilever who hav adopted WinCC as a standard across Europe and Australia has kept at the leading edge of both SCADA and PCS7 development..


Rockwell Automation Factory Talk

In 2009, Rockwell Automation introduced FactoryTalk to supercede RSView32. Like WinCC for Siemens, it is most commonly used where Rockwell Automation products for PLC's has ben adopted across as a corporate standard.

Our experience is generally with SE (Site Edition) in a multi station and PLC environment. It's integration with Rockwell PLCs and field devices that use EthernetIP is good and reduces time and errors linking the SCADA to process variables. 

Our work with integration partners of Unilever who have adopted FactoryTalk as a standard across North and South America has helped us to broaden our knowledge and deliver advanced SCADA systems using FactoryTalk,



Wonderware has found popularity across all sectors because of it's ease of use and that it is not biased to any particular PLC brand. It has always had a comprehensive suite of IO servers which alows it connect to all PLCs seamlessly.

The scripting language is unique to Wonderware and it could be said it lacks the integration possibilitie of competitive products like Proficy iFIX that use VBA. However, it requires very lottle coding experience to build a very functional SCADA and this is a major plus point for many end users.

We've been using Wonderware since the late 1990s with Mitsubishi, Siemens and Schneider PLCs,

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